How to Make a Paper Airplane

If you want to learn how to make a paper airplane easy, here are some simple steps to follow. Many children love to make paper airplanes and fly them for fun. It is very easy to make one, and we are here to tell you how to do it. It is one of the cheapest games to play for fun, as it requires only a paper sheet. This article provides steps to make a paper plane easily and quickly.

How to Make a Paper Airplane

Step 1

• Take a sheet of paper that is letter-sized. Then fold it in two halves.

Step 2

• Next, unfold the paper. Then take the lower corner of one side of the fold and fold it so that the corner touches the center-line. Repeat the step for the lower corner of the other side. When folded neatly and properly, a perfect point is formed.

Step 3

• Now, take one folded side of the paper and fold it again so that the edge of the folded side touches the center. Repeat this step for the other side, too.

Step 4

• Then fold the sides up again so that the edges of both sides touch the center-line.

Step 5

• Once folded, press all the lines and creases so that they are well formed. Make sure the point is also well formed. Press down the center-line thoroughly as well.

Step 6

• Now, take the side wings and pull both of them outwards.  Then both the wings must be bended again. This way the wings will be at the same level.

• Finally your plane is ready to fly. You can make your plane stand out by decorating it using stickers, glitter or by coloring it with bright colors. It is also recommended to use a hard paper to make the airplane because in this way it will not tear easily.

• When you are about to fly the plane make sure that you know the perfect way to fly it so that it reaches a good distance. Holding the plane in a proper way and directing its point in the right direction is an art to learn before you fly a paper plane.

This is great for kids. If you like walking with your kids, this will be very funny for them to try. That way you will make them stay outside a little longer! They will also improve their concentration and will. They will have to be very persistent until they finally get it right. They will also learn some basic rules when it comes to physics!

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