How to Make a Crossbow out of Household Items

Making Crossbow Can be Fun and Easy

Have you ever wondered how to make a crossbow using household items? It is not half as hard – or strange – as it sounds.  Even though the crossbow is an ancient weapon, many people are fascinated by it. There are stores that sell crossbows, and many people buy them. In the right hands, good crossbow can be a precise and quite deadly weapon. However, crossbows are generally expensive, perhaps because they are like novelty items. The better made they are, the more expensive they get. People who want to have a crossbow, but don’t have money to spend on it, can just make their own. The result may not be so fancy, but it will be something that can be played with and maybe even shown around to family and friends. It is possible to make a simple crossbow using simple household items, so you don’t have to spend a single cent.

How to Make a Crossbow

→ Before starting, gather all the materials needed, namely: two pieces of pipe, some rubber, a nut and bolt, a drill, a trigger, and lastly, a gun butt (preferably a rifle butt). The two pipes should be of different sizes and widths; the shorter one should also have a smaller diameter. For the rubber, it is best to get surgical rubber if possible, because it is stronger than ordinary rubber. When you have all these ready, you can start making your crossbow. The steps to follow are given below.

→ First, drill a hole into the rifle butt, so that you can attach the longer pipe to it. First measure the pipe diameter so you can drill a hole that it will fit right into. Place the pipe into the rifle butt; it should fit in the hole.

→ Next, connect the second (shorter) pipe to the end of the first pipe. You should drill a hole in one end of the first pipe, and you will insert the second pipe into this hole. Again, this must be done in such way that the pipes don’t move when attached; they should stay securely in place, forming a T together.

→ Now you have to decide where you want to put the trigger, and drill a hole there. Attach the trigger in this hole. You can use a nut and bolt to secure it in place. Now get the rubber, and tie it to both ends of the second (smaller) pipe. Tie the rubber securely at both ends. Try pulling the rubber; it should not slide along the pipe’s length. If it does, tie its ends more securely to the pipe.

→ That’s it! You are now ready to try out the crossbow you have just made. Get an arrow, or any stick, and load it! Pull the rubber back, and pull it behind the trigger. Place the arrow in front of the trigger, and then pull the trigger to fire. This will release the rubber, which will then throw the arrow or stick to where you have aimed it at. When using the crossbow, don’t aim at people or animals. Also keep it where children cannot reach it.


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