How to Know You Are in Love

It’s not that we think we actually know something about love, but we were wildly optimistic regarding our own knowledge, so here is something about how to know you are in love. Regardless of your age, you have probably thought about the crazy thing called love; you have been trying to understand it or even fight it! There is no such a complex question as this one. There have been numerous attempts to define love and “being in love”. There are many kinds of love, but “being in love” is something that sounds pretty clear to most of us. “Being in love” is not the same as “loving somebody”. However, these two feelings are closely related. It seems that the first one is a prelude to the second one. In most of the cases, being in love comes first. That is not really love (yet), but the feeling is amazing, isn’t it?

How Does It Feel?

That is what keeps you awake at night, prevents you from fulfilling your important daily duties, like saving the world; makes you lose the interest in all other things like eating, sleeping or reading…  Everyone around you can tell you look different. Your friends, family and colleagues will probably see the difference in your behavior. You will probably smile more than usual and perhaps make some interesting remarks that will (probably) be funny (to you only)! You can start saying things you never meant to say or just feeling (too) relaxed and inspired. Each of us has experienced something like this. I hate to be subjective, but I just have to tell you about my own funny behavior. My superior was sitting next to me in our office and we were having an ordinary conversation. We were not talking about business, but I have always been very professional, maybe even too reserved and distant, even if it was just a casual conversation. That was just the way I have always behaved at work. However, he said that he had to call a veterinarian (I knew he had a dog). Suddenly, without even thinking about it, I said “Why? What’s wrong with you, are you OK?”  Fortunately, he realized that I did not really mean to say that, and both of us just started to laugh.

Sleeping disorder, eating disorder, listening disorder, writing disorder, reading disorder, thinking disorder – and all other disorders you can possible think of – they’re all there, to remind you of the most incredible feeling in the world.

That is what I am talking about! You will probably experience something like this, if you haven’t already. Being in love will make you feel different and, in some cases, like mine, for example – it will make you express yourself in quite unpredictable manners. You will think about that person way too much and analyze your conversations, her/his words, and everything that has to do with him/her. You will try to get his/her attention and your heart will start beating fast as soon as you see her/his picture. Your imagination will probably start to bloom like never before. Perhaps you will even start doing new things, like sports, arts and enjoy in little things! This feeling will remind you that happiness is actually made of little things! If you are a writer, you won’t even notice that your text ends with the sentence: “Devoted to the most beautiful man on Earth”.

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