How to Know When You Are Ovulating With Irregular Periods

How to know when you are ovulating with irregular periods? Irregular periods can be defined as menstrual cycles longer than thirty-six days or shorter than twenty-one days. The cycle irregularities can also be manifested through time frames variations.

When a woman is still young, it is quite normal that her cycles are somewhat irregular. This is related to hormone levels in her body. In women that are physically mature, illness or stress can also lead to cycle irregularity. It is normal that in one year period one or two menstruations do not occur right on time and you should not be concerned about this. If you are having problems with cycles that are often irregular, you should see your doctor and determine the cause.

If your periods are irregular, it is very difficult to know the exact time of your ovulation. Therefore, it is difficult to make any plans about getting pregnant. The best thing you can do is visiting your doctor. He will be able to determine what causes your irregular cycles and then he will tell you what to do about it.

If you want to be sure whether you are ovulating or not you will have to take a blood test. Your doctor will perform a blood test and it will show whether you are ovulating or not, so if you are trying to get pregnant, this will be helpful. Consult your doctor about other issues like timing, for example. Sometimes the time of sexual intercourse can contribute to getting pregnant.

Try to learn more about the ovulation signs. Some of the signs that you are ovulating are: increased sex drive, changes in cervical mucus, cervical position changes and changes in basal temperature of your body (it gets higher). Your breasts can become tender before the ovulation days.

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