How to Know When a Relationship is Over

How to know when your relationship is over for good? You have been trying for so long but what ever you do – it still doesn’t work for the two of you. You are wondering: “Is this finally it?” Sometimes it can be hard for you to deal with the truth. Sometimes we tend to postpone our own facing with the true, but this can only make things worse. Does this sound familiar to you?

All of us have experienced some problems when it comes to relationships. You can love somebody, but no one can guarantee that the person will actually love you back! No matter how hard you are trying to show your love and affection, this can all go unnoticed and leave you hurt and disappointed. Sometimes two people are just strongly attracted to each other, but this is not a true love. Being attracted to someone is a strong feeling, but is it actually a feeling in true sense of the word? It is certainly not enough for love, we can tell you that.

Try to think about your self and how you really feel. Find out whether you are just physically attracted or you actually love the person, with all her/his virtues and bad sides. If you really love someone, it will be hard to brake up, even though it is quite obvious that your relationship is not functioning very well. If you keep fighting and just can’t sit down and talk to solve the problem, this can mean that your communication is bad for some reason. Look back and try to remember if the things were different before. If you have been arguing before and never succeeded in finding a solution, this can mean that you simply do not understand each other well and it will probably stay that way.

If you are feeling bad and lacking your partner’s attention (you have told him/her about it, but his/her behavior is still the same) – this can be an indicator that he/she doesn’t care for you enough. If you are bored and do not talk to each other anymore, this can also mean that the two of you are losing interest for each other. If your partner keeps hurting you or ignoring you in despite of all your efforts to work things out – it may be a sign that it’s time for you to move on.

No matter how hard this can be, especially if your relationship is a long one – you will have to face the truth. If you try everything and get no result, you will have to say goodbye. Remember that delaying will only prolong your emotional suffering. You will waste your time and energy on a wrong person. Try to be reasonable and think positively – there must be the right person for you out there. Remember that passion is great, but respect and thoughtfulness are the ones to make a real relationship.

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