How to Grow Pumpkins in a Garden

Here you can read some useful advice on how to grow pumpkins in a garden. After you have decided which sort to grow, you have to make some preparations concerning the garden. You cannot just plant something before you prepare the soil – and this is the rule for growing pumpkins. You will have to use manure and decomposed compost. Space is another important thing you must take care of. Growing pumpkins requires enough space, so measure your garden and mark the space. When you buy the seeds, take a look at the package. You will find the instructions regarding the space that is needed for that type of seeds.

How to Grow Pumpkins

• Your garden must be well prepared before the planting time. The soil should be enriched with manure and the space should be wide enough.

• Timing is very important. You can start growing the pumpkins inside (if it is too cold outside), and when the cold season is over, you can take the pumpkins out.

• As we said, cold weather is not the time to start. Wait for the frost to finish and then you can start planting. The seeds require space – you can read this on the package. If there are no any instructions on the package, here is what you can do. The space between them should be at least six feet. After you have done with planting, water the soil. Wait for four days and water the soil again. If it starts raining within these four days, you won’t have to water the soil, of course.

• Pumpkins need to be ‘well-fed’. They grow very fast. To have large and healthy plants, you need to give them enough water. Fertilizer is also needed for the pumpkins to grow. The soil needs to be moist all the time. Fertilizer should be added regularly. You will find the instructions for use on any fertilizer you buy.

• Watch for the weeds. If you see any, remove it as soon as possible. They can easily take all the nutrients and there will be not much left for your pumpkins. Therefore, you must take care of the soil, too.

• Soon, you will be able to see the leaves – plenty of it! The flowers will develop as well, both female and male leaves. How can you tell the difference between female and male flowers? Well, female flowers have a small pumpkin under. One plant will have between three and five small pumpkins.

How to Fight Pests and Insects

• Keep in mind that many insects are attracted to pumpkins. Many of them are harmful, so you need to get rid of them. Aphids, Squash bugs, Squash Vine Borers and Cucumber beetles are very common. There are many products you can use to get rid of these insects. You can ask in a local store for an advice. Just make sure to tell that you need a product for pumpkins, since these products are not all the same.

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