How to Grow Potatoes in Pots

If you like potatoes read our article and learn how to grow potatoes in pots. People usually grow potatoes in garden, but it is possible to grow them in pots as well. This is especially convenient if you want to experiment or grow some expensive or rare potato varieties. Some people find that growing potatoes will waste your space, but nevertheless, there is no reason not to try.

Potatoes are known to be very healthy. They can be consumed with meat or other vegetables. There are many different ways to prepare potatoes and they are always tasty. Growing your own potatoes is good for several reasons. First, you can grow some rare varieties that are expensive if you buy them in supermarkets. Second, you can experiment with different sorts. It can be fun, especially for you kids. Moreover, what is more important – you will always have fresh and healthy food in your home. You can have great potatoes without using pesticides or other chemical products.

How to Grow Your Own Potatoes

Here are some things you should know about growing potatoes. First, there are no any seeds. That’s right – no seeds! So, how do you grow them? Potatoes are grown from tiny tubers. These tubers are grown first. They are not really seeds, but we will call them seed potatoes.

Follow these simple steps: first, put the seed potatoes in a tray. Leave the tray in a warm spot with enough sunlight. Use water to spray seed potatoes. Leave them for 2 weeks. After two weeks, the sprouts will form. Wait until they reach 1 inch. That is the right time to plant them.

Pots should not be too small. It is even better if they are bigger. Make some holes for drainage in the bottom. Choose some high quality soil for your potatoes. One third of the pot should be filled with soil.

Sprouts should be placed on the top. Make sure to leave enough space between them. The sides of your pot should not be too close to the sprouts.  Put some more soil onto the sprouts until you have covered them in soil.

Wait until the sprouts grow for a few inches. Six inches is enough to add more soil. Repeat this every time the potatoes grow for another six inches. Water your potatoes regularly. Your potatoes will be fully grown after 2 months. The harvest time is when you see your plants flowering. If you have any questions about growing potatoes, you can always go to the store where you have bought seed potatoes and ask about whatever you want to know. If you are concerned about the pest, try to find the best solution and try not to use any chemicals.

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