How to Grow Grapes from Seeds

If you want to learn how to grow grapes from seeds, you can read some useful tips here. Grapes can be classified as wine grapes and table grapes. You can consume raw grapes or you can use it to make various vines. There is the difference between wine grapes and table grapes, regardless of the fact that they belong to the same species. Table grapes have large fruits and thin skin. Wine grapes tend to be smaller and they have very thick skins. They are also very sweet. It is not very easy for the grape seeds to germinate. This is so because seedlings are actually less tasty and productive than the parent plant. People usually grow grapes from seeds when they want to create a new variety; however, there are people who enjoy growing grapes in the backyard.

How to Grow Grapes

♦ Here is what you have to do to grow your own grapes from seeds. First, you have to buy seeds, of course. You can find various types of seeds in specialized stores. When choosing the seeds, ask in the store about all you want to know – it is important to make the right choice.

♦ Take small pots to plant the seeds. You have to plant them just a little under the soil surface. Do not plant them too deep into the soil.

♦ Perhaps you don’t know that grapes require storing at cold temperatures for two or three months. Put them into a cold place and keep them there for two or three months. However, do not let them freeze. After this period, you will have to keep the seeds in a warm place inside your house. Do not keep the seeds directly under the sunlight. Store them in a plastic bag.

♦ When the seeds start to germinate, take them out of the plastic bag. This will probably happen in a month or so. Take the soil and pour some water into it to keep it moist. However, do not pour too much water into the soil.

♦ Once the plants grow to some 8 centimeters in height, place them in a shady place, safe from wind and rain. After some time, you will move them to a place where they will be exposed to sun.

♦ Watering and other possible problems are various – depending on the sort you choose to grow. It is best that you ask in the store for some advice on the seeds you are planning to buy.

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