How to Grow Garlic

If you want to learn how to grow garlic, read our article and start growing your own healthy food! Garlic is known as healthy food and people often use it to spice their meals. Health benefits of garlic have been known for ages. People used to consume garlic in various ways. Garlic can solve certain health problems and prevent many diseases. Some types of cancer can be prevented thanks to garlic. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can also be regulated thanks to this great vegetable. There are people who don’t really like the taste of garlic, but this problem can be solved easily: just add it to your meals in smaller amounts. Garlic is a great spice to all kinds of foods.

Your meal will be more delicious if you add some garlic. It is especially good with meat, vegetables, fish and all kinds of sauces. Having your own garlic will certainly get you some benefits: you will always have your homegrown healthy food and you will be certain that it is pesticide-free.

How to Grow Garlic in Your Garden

First, you have to decide which sort of garlic you want to grow. If you cannot decide, ask for some expert advice. You can go to a store where they sell plants and ask any question about garlic. The right sort for you depends on your own needs, but it also depends on other conditions.

Growing garlic is not very difficult. It is actually very easy. You have to know the right time to plant it. Garlic should be planted by the middle of fall. Use some high quality soil to make sure your garlic grows well. Plants should not be too close to each other. After some time, you will be able to see the first green shoots. You have to keep them from freezing. You can do this by drawing the mulch over them. You can use some liquids designed to improve and protect your plants. You can buy those in a specialized store. Read the instruction carefully to avoid any mistake. You have to water the garlic, but do not exaggerate. Garlic needs water, but not too much of it.

The harvest time depends on the sort. There are late, mid-season and early sorts of garlic. In general, growing garlic is really simple. You can ask for details in a local specialized store. Choose the right sort for your climate conditions. The procedure of planting is pretty much the same for nearly all garlic sorts.

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