How to Grow Cucumbers from Seed

If you are interested to learn how to grow cucumbers from seed, read our article. We will give you some useful tips. Cucumbers came from India. Today, they are consumed worldwide. There are many different varieties. Some of them are Ashley, Sweet Success, Poinsett, Spacemaster, Galaxy and Sprint. Gardeners mostly believe that growing cucumbers from seeds is the best way to grow them. We will tell you why, so keep reading.

Growing Cucumbers

♦ Before starting the planting process, you have to wait for the cold weather to pass.

♦ Depending on the sort you choose to grow, there are pests you need to think about. Get as much information about the ways to get rid of these. You can always ask in a specialized store for some good advice on this.

♦ You can spot small holes and yellow waste on the cucumbers. These are the earliest signs of pest. However, you can fight these by using various sprays. One spray can help you with several different kinds of pest. However, before you apply any spray, you must know for sure what kind of pest you are dealing with.

♦ You can choose some varieties that are resistant to scab, angular leaf spot, powdery mildew and anthracnose. You will save your time and nerves!

How to Grow Cucumbers

♦ If you want to grow cucumbers from seeds, you have to know how to sow the seeds first. You should sow them in separate rows.

♦ The space between rows has to be from 40 to 65 inches.

♦ For plants, the space between should not exceed 2 ft.

♦ The depth should be no less than 2 inches.

♦ Harvest time ranges from fifty to seventy days.

♦ The seeds should be kept in moist for a week to germinate.

♦ Cucumbers can also be grown in hanging baskets. That is something to consider later, but it is good to know.

♦ Another important thing to consider is the fertilizer. If you have a small garden, use a small amount of fertilizer. It is important not to exaggerate – use only a teaspoon quarter of fertilizer. Mix it with water and use the mixture for watering your cucumbers.

♦ You have to water the cucumbers frequently and keep the ground moist.

♦ While the plants are still small, you don’t have to water them every day. However, when they grow up, you will have to water them at least once a day. Some gardeners water their cucumbers two times a day.

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