How to Grow Corn in a Garden

Yellow Corn

If you love corn and have a lot of space in your back yard, we will tell you how to grow corn in a garden. You will use your back yard space and you will also have your own corn.

Growing Corn in a Garden

What do you have to do to grow corn in a garden? First, you have to choose a place within your back yard that gets enough sun. The soil has to be appropriate and you have to find a good quality soil. PH must be from six to seven, so talk to a professional about what kind of soil to buy.

You can buy plants or seeds. The best time do plant seeds is seven to ten days after the frost. The temperature of soil must be higher than sixty F.

Seeds should be placed in the right way. If you want to know details regarding particular sort of seeds, ask a worker in the store where you have bought the seeds to tell you how to place the seeds.

How to Water and Feed Your Corn

You have to water your plants once a week. The plants should get enough water, but it is important to do this right. Water should not be thrown from above – that way the pollen would be washed away. Plants should get enough of liquid fertilizer. When they grow up to ten inches, they should get the first organic fertilizer treatment. The second time will be when the plants reach eighteen inches and the third time will be when you see the tassels.

Nitrogen and phosphorus are needed for growing corns. If there is not enough nitrogen, the leaves will start yellowing. Nitrogen is available in spray, so you will solve this problem easily – just spray it on your corn.

The time needed for corn to mature is about three months. Those days should be warm and sunny. If you live within an area that has no enough sun, choose fast-growing corn that needs little more than two months to mature and tolerates cold weather very well.

Remember that some animals like corn very much. To protect your corn, install an electric fence. That is the best way to make sure that nothing bad will happen to your corn. There are other ways to protect you garden, but this is the simplest and the most efficient way to prevent animals from destroying your garden.

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