How to Grow Blueberries at Home

If you want to learn how to grow blueberries at home, read our article. Blueberries are very healthy. They can be used for making various deserts. You can eat them fresh and you can make healthy natural juices. Blueberries are great for any weight loss diet, because they are low in calories. If you want to have some great fruits in your home, blueberries are good choice. Now, let us learn more about blueberries.

How to Grow Blueberries

• Blueberries need some time to start developing fruits. It usually lasts for three years. Blueberries require special kind of soil. Of course, the soil type will depend on the variety you choose to grow.

For example, there are several varieties that are popular, such as low-bush blueberries, high-bush blueberries, rabbit-eye blueberries and half-high blueberries. High-bush blueberries are probably the most common type. Low-bush blueberries are wild and they are not very tall. Half-high blueberries are good for cold climate conditions. Rabbit-eye blueberries need a lot of sun. This is the tallest variety of blueberries.

• Before you decide to grow blueberries, you have to consult someone who knows a lot about different varieties. Climate conditions are very important for growing blueberries.

• The soil is another important thing. You will need several types of soil. You can ask for some advice in one of the specialized stores.

• You need to plant them in the right spot! Keep in mind that blueberries need a lot of sunlight.

• Check the pH levels of soil. 4.5 is considered the best pH levels for blueberries. You can also add some manure and other substances to make the soil better.

• You should plant blueberries in the spring. They can also be planted anytime during the fall. The soil will be much better during this time. Before you plant the bushes, you must measure the space. The space between them should be at least four feet. If you are growing the low-bush variety, the space between bushes can be three feet.

• You have to place them deep enough into the soil. This is very important, because they need moisture.

• Fertilizers are important, so you can go to a local store and ask for some. Tell them which variety you are growing, and they will give you proper fertilizers to use. The time of applying the fertilizer is also very important. You should not overdo it with fertilizers. You have to know the right measure and the right time to use them.

• You can cut the old shoots, but there is no need to do it too often. Dry stalks should be removed as well. Some people believe that the first flowers should be removed. According to what they say, it will help the plant develop much better.

• You can also grow blueberries in containers. They have very shallow roots, so you can keep them in containers without any problems. Blueberries are great for making natural juices, various deserts and ice creams. However, you can consume them fresh to get important vitamins.

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