How to Get Rid of Warts on Hands

If you want to learn how to get rid of warts on hands, read the following article. We know how annoying warts can be, especially if they are on your hands. We will try to help you with this problem. We will also tell you why they appear in the first place. It is necessary to know the cause before you start any treatment. Warts are caused by an infection called the HPV (the human papillomavirus). Many people believe that this is actually herpes, but it is not exactly the same, although there are many similarities. The warts that appear on your hands are common and they are different from those occurring on the genitals. Warts on one’s hands are usually harmless and they are not painful. However, they can be annoying and bad looking. Therefore, many people are trying to get rid of them.

Why Do Warts Appear on Hands?

♦ As we said, the main cause is HPV. However, there are more than hundred different HPV types. Some of them are very harmful, while others are harmless. The type that causes warts can be quite harmless, but it can be annoying. Warts can be passed from a person to person by close physical contact. However, some people are immune and they will not get warts, while others will. This is individual and has to do with one’s immune system. Another way to spread warts is sharing clothes and towels with the person who has HPV. Warts can spread to other body parts.

♦ There are other viruses that can cause warts. That is why warts are commonly seen in children and teenagers. However, they can go away spontaneously; the most important thing is not to irritate warts. Your child should be careful not to hurt or cut the warts on hands.

How to Treat Warts

♦ It is important to say that warts that appear on your hands are harmless and they don’t have to be treated for medical reasons. You can remove them if they look bad – or if you are afraid that they will spread to other body parts. Before you do anything, go to your dermatologist and make sure these really are warts. Ask for some advice and start treating them. There are several ways to remove warts.


• Cantharidin is used in combination with other products. It is applied onto warts and this area is covered with bandages. This is not painful, but it can cause some blisters.


• Cryotherapy uses freezing technique. Liquid nitrogen is used for freezing the warts. This is not too painful and it gives great results.

Electric Needle

• This minor surgery is done by using electric needles. It is not painful because you get an anesthetic first.

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