How to Get Rid of Termites on Your Own

If you want to find out how to get rid of termites on your own, you can read some useful tips here. Termites are very annoying and they can ‘colonize’ your house very fast. To prevent this, there are several simple things you can try. However, it is important to react in time. Do not wait for too long, since their number will grow fast. If that happens, getting rid of termites will be very difficult and stressful. Of course, every problem can be solved. If you just can’t solve the termite-problem, you will call the professionals and they will do this for you. There are many companies that are specialized for solving these problems, but before you call them, here are some things you can try on your own.

♦ You have to make sure that these really are termites. If they are present in large numbers, you will easily see them. You will also be able to see the results of their presence in your home. Wooden surfaces and walls will be affected. You just have to pay some attention to theses surfaces.

How to Get Rid of Termites

♦  First, try to locate the termites. Clean your house and keep it that way. If your house and basement are clean, the chances for the termites to appear are smaller.

♦  Termites are different from other annoying guests (ladybugs, ants and fruit flies). You cannot just get rid of them as easily as you would do with other types of pest.

♦ Termiticides (liquid) seem to be very efficient in eliminating termites. Termiticides are used around your house, in order to prevent termites from getting inside your home.

♦ Liquid termiticides act almost immediately. Once the termites get into touch with the substance, they will get killed. There is also another type of termiticide that doesn’t kill them, but it keeps them away.

♦ Termite baits are also useful in getting rid of termites. This method is used in destroying termite colonies. Some people consider this method better than liquid pesticides because it doesn’t affect the soil and the rest of the environment and ground surrounding your house.

♦ Sodium borate technique is also very efficient. It is a mixture of water and sodium borate. You apply this mixture directly onto the wood and it acts very fast, but the problem is that you have to apply the mixture onto the entire wooden surface.

♦ Boric acid is also used in destroying termites. It can get very deep into the wood and kill all the termites that are inside.

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