How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

If you want to know how to get rid of sugar ants, we will give you some tips. Getting rid of annoying sugar ants is not so simple, since they reproduce very fast and they get incredibly numerous once they settle your home. That is exactly what makes these little creatures even more annoying. However, as soon as you notice just a few of them, start taking measures! Do not wait for them to get even more numerous. We will give you some tips here.

Sugar Ants

♦ Sugar ants can easily ‘colonize’ not only your kitchen, but other rooms as well. Why are they called ‘sugar ants’? Well, there is a good reason for that.

♦ They eat any foods that contain sugar. They practically live on sugar. However, this is not their only food. They can feed on other things, too, like nuts, bread, cheese and other groceries that are not high in sugar. Keeping your sweets in a safe place doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get rid of sugar ants, because they can feed on any food you have.

♦ Sugar ants originate from Australia, but they can be found anywhere.

♦ They are not dangerous to anyone’s health, but they can contaminate your foods. That is the main reason why you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

♦ Their nests are so small and inconspicuous, which is the very reason why it is hard to spot them in time.

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Your Kitchen

♦ The kitchen sink must be kept dry and clean. Moisture will also attract them, so keep your sink dry.

♦ Always remove all the leftovers from your dishes.

♦ Sweets are especially attractive to sugar ants, so keep them firmly closed and put them in a place where they cannot be easily reached.

♦ Cleaning your sink doesn’t have to be a dirty work at all. You can keep it clean if you use some good products made especially for this.

♦ Counter Tops must be clean as well. Always clean them before going to bed. Do not leave foods there even for a half an hour.

♦ Vacuum your home regularly. If you eat in front of a TV, check the floor after your meal. Ants will come as soon as they find any foods, so do not let that happen. Vacuum the floor and mop it.

♦ This is important to do in the kitchen, too. Summer is the time when sugar ants can easily crawl into your house. During the summer days, mop the floor of your kitchen every day.

♦ If you still can’t get rid of sugar ants, you can consult professionals. There are companies specialized for this kind of problems, so you can always ask for some help.

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