How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

If you have gained or lost some weight too fast or just had a baby, you must be very eager to find out how to get rid of stretch marks fast.

It is common to get those marks as side effect of the situations mentioned above, but there are various ways to make your skin look better and to reduce the damage.

Dermatologists and doctors may advise you to do your best not to get stretch marks at all, knowing they can never be completely removed. These are basically scars, which makes them difficult to remove. Stretch marks usually appear on stomach, breasts, legs, buttocks and upper arms. They appear in the form of stripes and they are usually red at the beginning. They will slowly fade to white in just a few months.

The best way to reduce them is to combine treatments with skin remedies, creams etc. Any treatment you choose will increase your skin’s hydration and elasticity. Vitamins D,A, E and C will  also help you increase the amounts of collagen in your skin, (you can use lotions or take supplements orally). Make sure you read labels on the back of these products, because there’s the difference between treating old scars and treating fresh marks. Exfoliating your skin can be helpful as well. In that way top layer of your skin will be removed and it will minimize the mark appearance. For best results apply moisturizer afterward.

Massaging your skin regularly will increase circulation and the tissue will recover faster. In case of serious stretch marks, laser therapy may be the best solution. Consulting your dermatologist will help you choose the laser treatment that suits you best. Another very important thing is weight watch. Regulate your fat and sugar intake and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to drink enough water, in order to hydrate your body from inside as well.

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