How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes from Crying

If you don’t know how to get rid of puffy eyes from crying, read our article. Crying is usually related to sadness and stress. Some people cry when they are sad, while others cry when they are stressed, powerless or simply angry! However, crying can give you a kind of relief from time to time. Therefore, crying is not always bad! Everyone cries, regardless of gender or age. Crying is a normal and natural process, just like laughing. Excessive crying is definitely not a good (or normal) thing, and if you have a constant urge to cry, you should try getting some help. However, if you have had a stressful ‘episode’, it is better to cry a bit and let it all out. You will feel relieved.

Bad thing about crying is that it will make your eyes look different for a while. This will last for several hours, but there are situations when you simply cannot wait for several hours to pass before you go back to your activities. Yes, this is what we call ‘puffy eyes’. Now, let us see what you can do to recover your eyes fast.

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes after Crying

• Most of us have this problem. After crying, your eyes will probably get puffy and you will look tired and exhausted. Well, that is exactly how you will feel. However, you can hide your feelings, but you cannot hide puffy eyes. Or can you? Let us find out.

• You can use potatoes and cucumbers. These are great home remedies for puffy eyes. They have calming effect and your eyes will recover fast. Cut potatoes or cucumbers into pieces and put them directly onto your eyes. Lie down with your eyes closed and try to relax for a while.

• You can use cold water. Wash your face using cold water to reduce the eye swelling. You can wash your face for several times.

• You can also use some tea bags. Prepare some tea and leave the teabags to cool a bit. Put them over your eyes and lie down for a while. Keep the teabags on for a couple of minutes.

• You can use some cold compress. Of course, you don’t have to use ice compress, because your head may start to hurt. Take a dry and cold compress and put it onto your eyes. Keep it for several minutes and then repeat this.

• It is very important to relax. The nerves around your eyes will also need to relax, so it is better to lie down and close your eyes. Try not to think about anything, otherwise, you may start crying again, and that is the last thing you need.

• If you have to go out, try using some makeup tricks. Use some powder and eye shadow to mask the puffiness. Do not use eye shadows that are shiny or too light, because they will only make your eyes look more swollen. Use some neutral eye shadow. It should be a bit darker than the color of your skin.

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