How to Get Rid of Jealousy in a Relationship

“Just a Jealous Guy”

Many people are wondering how to get rid of jealousy in a relationship. This problem is quite common nowadays. People are not as close to each other as they used to be. They interact more often and there are many ways to communicate. There are many ways to meet people and that is considered a good thing. However, having too many people around doesn’t make them your friends. It doesn’t mean that they are close to you, you know. It is not possible to develop deep relationships with ten people a day, is it? This kid of life makes people more distant, actually. Things like love, emotions and trust have never been more doubted than today. Jealousy is a logical consequence, so as general lack of trust in other people, but in yourself as well.


There are many different kinds of jealousy. We will not discuss the sweet little thing called the “sweet jealousy” that is characteristic for people who are in love. This type of jealousy is not really jealousy; it is more like an unpleasant feeling of fear that your partner can leave you or just stop love you. The roots can be found in your own worry and your wish to be number one for your partner. This feeling is normal, but only in condition you can control it. Once it gets out of your control, you will become a slave to a monster called jealousy. Sometimes it can develop into a real illness. There are pathological cases of jealousy, when people doubt everything and everyone and see all other people as possible threats to their relationship. They keep searching for new reasons not to trust their partner and they are always trying to get some new proves of love from their partner. And there will always be new demands – they will never be satisfied. This happens because the person’s self esteem is low or he/she has had a serious emotional trauma before. If you have lost your faith in people, you will have difficulties to trust anyone. You have to accept that your emotional defeat from past belongs to past and it will probably won’t happen again. Even if it does – you will live. Being lied is painful, but it can make you stronger. You can not question someone all the time. If he wants to cheat on you –he will do it, one way or another. Even if you always know where your partner is and what he does every day, you will never be able to know what’s inside his head. As you can see, you will never know all of it.  Fight your jealousy as if it were a true enemy. Your jealousy is not your ally, but your mortal enemy. Many tragedies have happened because of pathological jealousy. Do not let it destroy your life.

Ways to Fight Jealousy

To fight your own jealousy, you will have to start taking care of yourself. You have to remember that your self esteem is your only way out. Once you start feeling better about yourself, you will feel calm and certain about your partner as well. If you know that you are a great person, your partner will know it, too. And why would he cheat on such a great person? If your feeling of insecurity toward your partner has roots in something else, then he just may not be the one for you. Perhaps he is just not the kind of person you can trust. In that case, do not ever try to change him. The best you can do is to say goodbye. There is nothing so bad and upsetting like jealousy and you definitely don’t need it in your life.

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  1. Elia says:

    I actually will always love my boyfriend sooo much and I adore every little thing related to him. The only problem though, is he is friends with way too many women and I can’t stand realizing that he’s speaking with a bunch of girls as a substitute for me. I hate being jealous. I’m trying to just ignore the jealousy but I can’t. Please help me out. Thanks.

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