How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs on Legs

If you are interested to learn how to get rid of ingrown hairs on legs, keep reading. Ingrown hairs are not only annoying – they also look bad and they are painful. This happens when the hair follicles get irritated. The hair starts growing back into your skin and the result is an ingrown hair that can be very bad looking and painful. Each one of us is different and some of us just have more chances to have this problem. People with sensitive skin are especially prone to this. Ingrown hairs usually occur under your knees, around your bikini line and on your legs. It is difficult to say which part of the body is the most problematic, since ingrown hairs are annoying wherever they occur.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs

To get rid of ingrown hairs, you will need a few requisites and a lot of patience. You will need tweezers, a razor, some shaving gel, scrub for body, some powder, deodorant spray and a soft brush. Salicylic acid and azulene ointment can be helpful, too. Azulene ointment and salicylic acid are useful in reducing the redness of your skin. They will calm your skin and prevent swelling. Clogged pores can be successfully treated with salicylic acid and azulene ointment. Use them after shaving to prevent forming of ingrown hairs.

If you see an ingrown hair, pull it out using tweezers. Then apply some ointment.

After having a bath, use some exfoliate products and apply them to all problematic areas. Another important thing to know is when to use body scrub. Never use these scrubs after shaving, but always before! If you use body scrub right after shaving, you will irritate the skin and make the whole think worse.

The way you shave your legs is also important for preventing ingrown hairs. Do not press the razor too much and do not shave against the hair growth. This can only make the hairs start growing back in. Your razor should be sharp. However, be careful not to cut yourself. Before shaving, use a soft brush to massage the skin and lift the hair. This will help you shave your legs easier.

Many women believe that waxing will be able to help them with ingrown hairs. Wax and tweezers can only make your hairs grow back even deeper. Those were some of the things you could try. Just be patient and you will solve the problem eventually.

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