How to Get Rid of Hiccups Quickly

This might sound funny, but there were probably situations when you were wondering how to get rid of hiccups quickly. Hiccups usually occur in situations when they are the last thing you need. Important moments, when you need to look serious or focused, can be easily spoiled by hiccups. Hiccups occur due to your diaphragm contractions. The air is suddenly stopped and then you start having hiccups! So, what can you do to stop them? Some people have problems with hiccups, and in some cases, hiccups can even indicate an illness. However, these cases are rare. For most of us, hiccups are just annoying sounds that we want to get rid of as quick as possible. Hiccups can be caused by excessive eating, too much alcohol, too much carbonated beverages, or just by swallowing air. Some people have hiccups because of stress.

How to Get Rid of Hiccups

Hold your breath. Try repeated swallowing. Do this as fast as possible. You can also drink some water slowly. You can also try plugging your ears and nose, and then start swallowing for some fifteen to twenty times. There is an old belief that if you scare someone, he will stop having hiccups. We are not so certain about this, but you can try it anyway! However, be careful. Do not scare children and old people (this can be bad for them).

You can also try taking deep breaths and relaxing a bit. Laughing can be useful here, too. Try to laugh as much as possible. This makes sense because your breathing changes while you are laughing. Lemon juice can also be helpful in getting rid of hiccups.

If any of these tips cannot help you – then you will just have to leave the room (if you are in a meeting or any other important situation that requires silence). If you are alone, try to ignore hiccups. They will go away eventually.

Hiccups are not so bad, actually. At least, they cannot harm you in any way. Well, almost. There are situations when you just don’t want them! For example, you are asking an important question (“Will you marry me?”), or saying an important line (“I love you”); or you are trying to sound serious (“You are fired!”)… It is hard to be taken seriously if you can’t stop producing these sounds, right? Well, the best you can do is to wait for the hiccups to go away and then say whatever you need to say, without being interrupted by hiccups.

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