How to Get Rid of Gas Pains

If you want to know how to get rid of gas pains, read our article. Why do gas pains occur? In most cases, gas pains occur because someone has eaten too much of fiber. Too much air gets “stuck” in the stomach, the food cannon be digested properly and it results in gas pains. This feeling is extremely unpleasant! Let us see what you can do to get rid of gas pains.

First, you must be sure it is gas pain. You must know the symptoms, so let us mention them. Gas pain symptoms are bloating, abdominal pain, stomach cramps and flatulence. Fortunately, there are some good home remedies you can use to get rid of this annoying pain.

Home Remedies for Gas Pains

• Hot water is a great home remedy for gas pains. Have a glass of hot water and see how it works.

• Fenugreek can be helpful, too. Warm some water, take some seeds, bite them for several times and swallow them with hot water. This will probably help you stop the gas pains.

• Exercising will certainly help you solve this problem. Walking or jogging are great, since these activities improve your circulation and help you get rid of gas.

• Clarified butter and garlic cloves make a good combination and these can be helpful, too. Roast a couple of garlic cloves using clarified butter. Eat this and you will feel much better. Garlic is known as a great remedy for digestion problems.

• Peppermint tea is another great home remedy. Consume it hot and see what happens! It has a calming effect and you will probably feel much better after having a cup of peppermint tea.

• Relax! If you relax for a while, this can help your whole body start working normally. You can lie down for a while or you can relax in a sitting position.

• Gas pains can be very annoying, especially if you are at some important event, like a formal dinner or cocktail. Gas pains can spoil some important moments. What can you do to relieve these pains instantly? Well, hot water is something you can use anywhere. You cannot use garlic in such situations, but hot water is always available. Try not to be nervous. This will only make things worse!

• Passing gas is quite normal. However, if this happens for more than 20 times a day, accompanied by pain, vomiting, nausea, bloating, or chest pain, you must see your doctor. Gas pains that are accompanied by these symptoms can be a sing that something else is wrong.

• Gas pains can be caused by other conditions, like inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease.

• Laxatives can also cause this problem.

• Some antibiotics may disrupt the bowel bacterial flora, leading to gas.

• If you use any artificial sweeteners or other food additives, this can result in gas pains. These additives can be found in all kinds of food, especially bubble gums! If you chew these all the time, you can start having gas pains.

• Food intolerance can also cause this problem. For example, gluten intolerance often results in gas pains.

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