How to Get Rid of Fleas

If  you’ve just discovered fleas on your pet, carpet or even your bed, knowing how to get rid of fleas as soon as possible will save your time as well as your nerves! These parasites are so tiny that you can never be sure about how you got them, but they usually come from pets.

Treating all your pets and the whole house on the same day is very significant and the best way to solve the problem. First step should be vacuuming the entire house. Pay attention to corners, floor cracks, dusty spots etc. Don’t forget bare floors, furniture and mattresses.

When done, put the vacuum bag into a plastic one, seal and throw it away. You don’t want them to get out and crawl back into your house again.

The next step is praying house and yard with insecticide. Use it on all carpets, floors, pets’ favorite spots, behind doors or under furniture to reach them as much as possible.

Treating your pets can be done in several ways. Choose a flea shampoo and give them a bath. To prevent fleas from jumping onto your pet’s head during a bath, wash the pet’s neck first. After this step put a flea collar on, use oral medication or anti-flea treatment products. Don’t forget to consult the vet, comb your pets couple of times a day and check their hair regularly.

Next two weeks are crucial, because you should expect them to come back after that period. That’s normal and it is all because of fleas that were in pupal stage while you were treating your closest environment. Just be persistent and continue with all of the mentioned stages in order to get rid of them for good! Don’t forget to be very careful when using chemical products on your pets and in case there are children around. Feel free to consult your doctor or vet in case of any further doubts or accidents.

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