How to Get Rid of Dark Circles under My Eyes

“How to get rid of dark circles under my eyes?” is a question that is frequently asked by men and women, regardless of their age. We do not have to explain why, since the dark circles make your face look tired and you look quite older than you really are.

There are several ways to solve this problem. It depends on your age, skin type and on what caused them to show up in the first place. Dark circles around one’s eyes can be caused by lack of sleep, allergies, dehydration, poor diet or illness. It can also be heredity. So here is what you can do.

Try to get enough sleep. If this doesn’t help, try using a concealer. Using make up to conceal dark circles will probably be an efficient way to hide them. You can also try using some vegetables like cucumbers. Tea bags will also help you in treating this problem. Put some cucumber slices or tea bags onto your eyes and keep them on for a while. This will help you calm the entire area around your eyes. It is especially good in cases of inflammation or swelling. Changing your eating habits can also help the dark circles disappear. Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K should be on your every-day menu. Try to rest your eyes as much as possible and avoid stress as much as you can. Our modern lifestyle is too demanding and it is keeping us too busy and too nervous, but you should try to take some time just for yourself and relax.

We know that skin types vary. That is why you should speak to your dermatologist and ask about the best treatment for your skin type. If you have a serious problem with dark circles around your eyes, you can undergo plastic surgery. But before you decide about it, try using some of the natural remedies.

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