How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast

Bruises look very bad on you, and we were curious to find out how to get rid of bruises fast. Bruises are contusions that are quite harmless.

What Are Bruises Caused by?

Bruises occur when your tissue gets damaged. They appear on one’s skin because of an internal bleeding within one’s tissue, due to falls, accidental injuries or surgical interventions. There are also some diseases that can cause bruises. Sometimes you can see a bruise, but you can not recall where it came from. These bruises do not hurt, but they look just like those bruises you get when you fall.

Bruises are quite visible on the skin, but this also depends on your skin type. In addition, some bruises take time to heal, while others go away very easy. It all depends on the bruise itself, but your skin type and your organism are relevant factors as well.

How to Get Rid of Bruises

Here is what you can do to get rid of bruises fast: take some ice and apply it onto the bruise right after the injury. This will prevent swelling and bruises will heal faster. Next what you can do is to buy some of the special creams for treating bruises. Those creams are rich in vitamin K and vitamin A that are both crucial in healing processes.

If you like chocolate, you can use it for your bruises treatment! Yes, that’s right! Melt some chocolate and apply it onto your bruise. Cover the spot and keep it over night. This should help you get rid of bruises faster.

Your diet is also important for treating your bruises. If you eat healthy foods, like vegetables and fruits, you will help your body to eliminate toxins and the healing process will last shorter. Your water intake is also important.

Sometimes you just need to hide the bruise right away and do not have enough time to wait until it is healed. For example, if you are going out or have an important meeting, you just need to act fast. These situations require some skill. Do not just stand there and look at your bruise! Take your concealing make up and apply it onto your bruise. It will not heal right away, of course, but it won’t be visible. You will be able to go out without even thinking about your bruise.

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