How to Get Rid of Anger and Resentment


If you have you been feeling stressed recently, here is some useful advice on how to get rid of anger and resentment. Many people are quite aware that anger can make their lives very complicated and unhappy. We know that being angry is bad not only for us, but also for people around us. An angry person can often spoil some great moments of his own life and the lives of his friends and family members. Each of us is sometimes angry with someone or something. But are we really angry with others? No, we are not. We are always angry only with ourselves. We tend to believe that the cause of our own anger is out there, but it’s not. It is only inside our own heads. The problem occurs when we just can’t control our temper and then just – snap. We often have a lot of regret when everything is over, but feeling guilty will not help us prevent our future anger.

Why Are We Angry?

We are usually angry when we are feeling powerless to change things. We are angry because people or things are not the way we want them to be. We believe that things would be better if we could change them. However, this is not quite true. Even if we could change some things, there would still be other things; we would never be satisfied, because it is in human nature to react on things all the time. In other words, our reactions to things are natural, that is what makes us alive; but sometimes we have bad reactions and we get angry. Our reactions depend on our state of mind in a specific moment. If we are irritated by something or we are going through a rough period of life, we can get the wrong impression about all other things. For example, if you are sad about something, your favorite movie will not capture your attention or make you laugh as it used to. On the other hand, if you are feeling great, all possible problems seem much easier to solve. Now you see that all things are very relative – and they depend on you. This is the very beginning of further explanations. This fact leads us to conclude that the cause of your anger is in your mind. You think that you are angry with someone because he has done wrong. No! You are just angry, especially if you are feeling helpless and powerless. People are what they are, and they do what they do, but the way you accept them depends on you only.

How to Get Rid of Anger

First, you must confront the fact that you have a problem. You should face the truth and accept the existence of any problem. That is the first step toward its solution. To solve the problem, you must be aware of it first, call it a real name and – simplify the situation. Things are simple, actually. We are the ones who make them complicated. If you have a problem that seems hard to solve, do not rush and take your time. You have to accept the fact that some problems require more time. In the meantime, you have to be calm and control yourself. If you succeed in self-control, you will be able to prevent and solve all possible problems and difficulties in your life.

Take a deep breath. As soon as you feel that you are about to snap and be angry at the world, go out for a walk or have a glass of water. Count to ten, or even twenty if necessary. Do not listen to anything or anyone; just keep repeating to yourself that everything is fine. Try to have positive thoughts and remember that nothing lasts forever – not even your problems or your anger.

If you just cannot control yourself, you can start having problems at work or at home. This can make things worse and make you even angrier. If you just can’t fight your own anger, try to get some professional help. You may be having problems you are not even aware of. Remember, this can only help you prevent all future problems. The first step is always the hardest one to take, but it is also the most important one.

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