How to Get on MySpace at School When It’s Blocked

Schools often do not allow students to visit certain websites, and since MySpace is among those websites, many students are probably trying to find out how to get on MySpace at school when it’s blocked.

It isn’t hard at all. Actually, it is quite simple. Just try the following:
Type Now you will ask: “Why would I add the ‘s’? Well, here is the explanation. If there is an “s” at the end, the firewall will probably recognize it as a secure website. That is a small trick you can easily pull off.

In case this doesn’t work, try the next trick. You can type the IP address into your browser. When we say “type” – that is exactly what we mean. Do not copy/paste but literally type it into the browser. You can find the MySpace IP using any site that is designed to find IP addresses. When you are finally there, you will be offered to find an address, so type, wait for the address to show up and then type it (do not copy/paste). Press Enter and that should do the trick!

If that fails, maybe this will help: Open your start menu, then Accessories > Command Prompt. A new window will pop up. Type: > Enter. Then you should see an IP addresses host > click “mark (right click) > copy/paste the IP into Google. MySpace prompt will appear and then you just have to type in your username and password.

The last possibility for you to get on MySpace from school is to try settings reconfiguration. Now, it is highly unlikely that you will be allowed to do this, but you can try nevertheless. If you ‘get lost’ call someone to help you. If you do not succeed anyway, then you should just wait until you come home from school. There you will be able to access MySpace without any limits.

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