How to Cure Pimples Fast

If you want to find out how to cure of pimples fast, keep reading. Pimples can be so annoying! They can change the look of your face and you certainly don’t need them, especially in special occasions, when you want to look special! Your face can look quite bad with pimples all over, especially if there are several of them. Sometimes, the wrong treatment can make things worse and cause skin irritation or infection. To avoid these problems, read our article.

Common Causes of Pimples

We all have pimples sometimes. They can occur anytime, for many reasons. Pimples can leave scars, so it is important to know how to treat them.

A pimple can be defined as a sort of infection that takes place in the pores. Pimples can be caused by hormonal activities in your body, or they can be caused by some skin care products that don’t suite your skin type. Here are other possible causes:

• Hormones
• Wrong cosmetics
• Some medications
• Pregnancy
• Stress
• Inflammation
• Bacteria
• Bad hygiene
• Genetics
• Poor diet (not taking enough vitamins)
• Improper diet (too much greasy foods)

Doctors say that pimples are often caused by increased male hormones production. These hormones are present in both males and females, but in different amounts.

Bad hygiene can lead to bacteria on the surface of your skin, which can further lead to pimples. You should clean your skin regularly using hot water and proper skin care products. Remember, you should talk to your dermatologist about this. Using improper products can make things much worse. Sometimes, it is better not to use anything.

How to Cure Pimples

• You can cure pimples in several ways. The most important thing is to use proper skin care products for cleaning your face. Before you decide about which one to use, consult your dermatologist. There are many different products, designed for different types of skin. If you start using the wrong one, it can cause pimples. Your facial cleanser should calm your skin and not to dry it out.

• You can use gentle toners that contain alcohol. That will disinfect your skin and prevent bacteria. However, even these products should be used carefully. There are various types of toners, so you must choose the right one for your skin type.

• You must remove the makeup before going to bed. This is a must! You should never leave your makeup on and go to bed, no matter how tired you are. Remove all the makeup and wash you face with warm water.

• You should let your skin breathe. This means that even the best skin care product should not be used excessively. Your skin should be left to breathe!

• If you simply cannot get rid of pimples, perhaps you should consider going to cosmetologist and see if he/she can help you.

• Do not squeeze pimples because you may irritate the skin and cause scarring.

• Improve your diet. Stop consuming greasy foods and include more fresh fruits and vegetables. The foods you eat affect your overall health, so as your skin! Do not forget that!

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