How to Cook Wild Rice in Oven

Wild Rice Is Easy to Cook

If you want to learn how to cook wild rice in oven, read our article. Wild rice can be used for making various dishes, including wild rice soup, wild rice salad, wild rice casserole, wild rice food delight, wild rice pudding and many others.

Wild rice can be cooked in different ways. It can be cooked by using stove-top method, oven method and microwave method. Among these, oven method is popular and cooking in oven is very fast. Before proceeding to the cooking technique of wild rice in oven, let us have a short overview of wild rice.

Wild Rice

• Wild rice is not a common food in all parts of the world, but this type of rice is highly nutritious. This type of grain is very well known in North America. Cold weather is suitable for cultivating wild rice. Normally, wild rice is cultivated in the areas near cold rivers or lakes. Therefore, it is popular in Canada and Minnesota, USA. Wild rice is a native food for Indians like Chippewa and Ojibwa.

• Wild rice is also known as Canada rice and India rice. Beside Canada and America wild rice is also eaten in China. There are three major types of wild rice: Northern wild rice, wild rice (regular) and Texas wild rice. There is only one species related to Asia and that is Manchurian wild rice. Among these species, Northern wild rice is the most common.

• The commercial cultivation of wild rice started in America and Canada in the late 20th century. The most important thing is about wild rice is protein. This type of rice contains high amount of protein; it also contains amino acid called lysine. Another characteristic feature of this rice is low amount of fat. But gluten is not found in wild rice, which is the main difference between wild rice and normal rice. Be careful about ergot. It is a very toxic element, which can be found in wild rice.  If the grain is infected it will turn pink. That is how you will know if the rice is infected.

How to Cook Wild Rice in Oven

• Now let’s begin with the cooking procedure. Oven is now very popular for cooking different kinds of food. You can cook rice, meat, fish, soup etc. Because of its simplicity, oven is very popular. Cooking wild rice is very easy. You can cook it as the main dish or you can combine it with other types of foods.

• Before you start cooking, make sure to buy wild rice of high quality. Then measure the amount of wild rice you want to cook and wash it with fresh water by rinsing it.

• Now mix water with wild rice. The amount of water is three times the amount of rice. If you take one cup of rice – take three cups of water.

• Preheat the oven to about 350 degrees F. Then put the rice into the oven and cook it for 1 hour. Check how it goes, and if it needs some more water, you can add some water and cook it for another 30 minutes. Now your wild rice is ready.

• Add some salt and other spices. It is important to avoid dryness, so do not be afraid of adding more water. The rice should not be dry after you have finished cooking.

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