How to Cook Turkey Breast

Here is some useful advice on how to cook turkey breast. You can cook turkey breast in several ways. No matter how you cook it, it will be delicious! Recipes that include turkey breast are suitable for any occasion. If you are preparing a small dinner or lunch, you can use turkey breast instead of using the whole turkey. If you want to be creative and try new recipes, try combining turkey breast with other foods – you can do no wrong! You can combine turkey breast with almost anything – all kinds of cheeses, vegetables, sauces and rice. We will give you some ideas.

Cooking Turkey Breast


• One of the ways to prepare turkey breast is to use crock-pot.

• You will need some vegetables to add, like onion and garlic.

• You can add some spices, if you like – pepper, salt, curry and chili will be great.

• First, you have to rinse the turkey breast. You don’t have to remove the skin. It all depends on your own preferences.

• Add some peeper, salt and chili. If you like curry, you can add some, but don’t add too much of it!

• Add some sliced onion and tiny garlic pieces (you can also use garlic powder).

• You can use some olive oil – or you can use butter.


• The next method is cooking turkey breast in oven. Many people just love this one and we are sure you will like it, too!

• You will need some garlic and spices (salt, pepper, curry, oregano, or any other spice you like)

• Rinse the meat and dry it.

• Take some olive oil or butter and melt it.

• Put the turkey breast in a saucepan and add garlic, along with other spices.

• Use aluminum foil for cooking turkey breast in oven. Just wrap it around the edges of the saucepan. That way the meat will keep the moisture.

• Preheat your oven and put the turkey breast inside.

• After the cooking is done, you can spread some mustard or honey (or both) over the meat. Leave it in the oven for several minutes, and then take the turkey breast out.

• You can serve it with potatoes, rice, mushrooms, carrots, beans and other vegetables.


• Another great way to cook turkey breast is to use the grill.

• The spices depend on your own taste, but we recommend curry and mustard.

• Rinse the meat and dry it.

• Heat the grill to some 180 degrees F. Keep this temperature for cooking.

• Cook the meat for an hour or two (check how it goes occasionally. This way you will know how long to cook it and you will avoid over-cooking or burning the meat).

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