How to Control Your Emotions in a Relationship

Learn How to Control Your Emotions

If you are interested to learn how to control your emotions in a relationship, keep reading. This problem is seen in many people. Controlling your emotions is not only important for the quality of your relationship; it is also important for your every day life and interactions with other people, family members and friends.

Your inability to control your own emotions can easily ruin your career, friendship, relationship, marriage and other important things in your life. We tend to believe that the sources of our bad emotions are outside our own mind. If this is what you believe in, you need to change your point of view for your own good.

How Can You Control Your Emotions?

♦ Well, as we said, the sources of our own emotions are right inside our minds. People may behave the way they do, but the way you accept them is just a matter of your own will and the power of your mind. If someone is making you nervous, this is happening just because you are not able to fight the bad emotions that are affecting you in that moment. If you are already irritated by something or someone, all other things or people around you will probably irritate you more. In other words, it all depends on your mood in that particular moment. That means that you are the one who is ‘in charge’ here. This is the good news. The way you react to things depends on your own state of mind. This is encouraging, actually – it means that you are the only person who can control your own emotions.

♦ Do not let others provoke you. We know this is easier to say than do. However, there are several things you can try in order to protect yourself from bad emotions. First, keep in mind that your anger will pass and you will forget about it in time. You will only lose your nerves and you can spoil some great moments in the meantime. Therefore, do not waste your time on anger. The anger will pass, but it can cause problems that will last for a long time. For example, if you are angry, you can just snap and say something you don’t even mean, and it can seal your career or your relationship. After that, you will regret it, but you won’t be able to change anything.

“It Will Pass”

♦ When you feel the anger, take a deep breath and try to relax. Do not think about the cause of your anger or the person that is making you angry at that moment. Just try to focus on something else. “It will pass” are the magic words. Repeat them as much as needed.

“It’s not Worth It”

♦ What ever is making you angry or sad, is just not worth of your tears or pain. You will only ruin your precious moments. Remember that you only have one life. Do not waste it on pain and anger. If you have too many bad emotions toward someone, perhaps there is no need to try controlling them. Perhaps the best thing you can do is walk away. Think about this. You are wasting your energy on bad emotions. Wouldn’t it be better to spend your energy on beautiful feelings?

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