How to Control Your Dreams at Night

Would You Like to Know How to Control Dreams?

Have you ever wondered how to control your dreams at night? This is a very interesting question. We were thinking about this and here is what we have found. Dreams are certainly the most mysterious things when it comes to human mind. These images are sometimes very lucid, realistic, scary or pleasant – but how do they occur and why? There were many theories that tried to explain dreams. It seems that all of them were right to certain extent. Even today, researches are being done in order to discover more about dreams and their meanings. If we knew more about the causes, we would be able to control our dreams successfully. We would be able to choose our own dreams. So, is it possible to control your own dreams? Let’s find out.

How to Control Your Dreams

♦ Some theories claim that our subconscious mind has a lot to do with our dreams. According to these theories, we are not even aware that we are actually “captured” by some idea or thought. We don’t really have to think about it all the time and we are even unaware that it is still in our thoughts, hidden in our subconscious mind. In other words, if you are thinking about something while you are awake, you will probably dream of it at night. You have probably experienced something like this before.

♦ If we accept this theory, then we can control our dreams simply by controlling our thoughts. The way we accept some event is also very important. That is like a “filter” we use to let some event enter our subconscious mind and stay there – or to keep it away. In other words – control your every day life and your own thoughts, and you will be able to control your subconscious mind – and your dreams, too.

♦ Other theories claim that our dreams depend on our environment in which we sleep. If our body experiences some physical experience during our sleep, we will react to that and we will have dreams. If we are hot or cold, or we just breathe difficult during our sleep – that can cause various dreams.

♦ If we accept this theory, then the only way to control your dreams is to control the environment in which you sleep – your bedroom. Open your window to get some fresh air and control the air temperature.

♦ After everything we said, it seems that dreams have a lot to do with our own will. If you want to control your dreams, first you have to start believing that you can actually do it.

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