How to Control Anger

If you are wondering how to control anger, this can be a useful article for you. Anger is not only a bad feeling – it is more than just that.

Anger can affect your life more than you can imagine. It can ruin not only your own life, but also the lives of your family members. It can spoil some great moments in your relationship or jeopardize your career.

Your anger can become uncontrollable. You will have to do something about it before it actually happens; when you fail to control your anger – that means you are already captured by it.

Anger Control

♦ You probably know how important it is to control your emotions. If you work with people (and you probably do), you know that you cannot always just say what you really feel or think. Controlling yourself is very important and that is what makes you an adult. Children cannot control themselves, but that is what makes them children. Adults are expected to fight their own emotions, fears and anger in rational way.

♦ You must be aware that there are things you can’t change. You can only accept them. In most people, anger is closely related to powerlessness. This feeling is particularly hard to deal with. Most of us can’t stand being powerless and/ or hopeless. This feeling makes us mad and we feel like we cannot control our lives. We will try to change that and get some control, but if we do not succeed – we will be very angry. The truth is that we are not angry with people or things around us. We are angry with ourselves. The world that surrounds us is the way it is; people are saying or doing things, regardless of our wishes and needs; sometimes, all we can do is accept all that.

♦ There are things that we just cannot change. The best you can do is learning the difference between the things you can change and those you can’t. That is the secret. It is very simple actually. Your anger will pass eventually, but it can cause very bad consequences. Before you get angry, think about these consequences. You need to prevent them – not to analyze them after they have already caused you problems.

Nothing Is Worth It

Nothing is worth losing your nerves. That is something you need to repeat all the time. When you start feeling the anger, just think of your nerves. Try to stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Start counting. Count to 100 if necessary. It will distract you and the critical moment will pass. You will feel much better. Anger is something that takes control over you in a second. All you have to do is wait for that second to pass. Sometimes we just forget about the irrelevance of all the things that make us angry. If you know that all these things will pass, then there is no need to waste your time on being angry. You can use this energy on something much better.

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