How to Clean Suede Furniture


For all those who love suede furniture, here is some useful info on how to clean suede furniture. Suede is very popular material and it really looks great, but you must know how to clean it properly.

When buying suede furniture, you should read the labels. Nearly every piece of suede furniture has a label that says what products should be used for cleaning. We know that suede can get damaged very easily, even by using products for cleaning. These can also leave marks, so you should be very careful, since these marks can be even harder to remove than the stain you wanted to remove.

There are many different types of stains. Each of them is removed by using different products. Prevention is very important if you have suede furniture. That way you will avoid stains. You can use a spray-shield in order to protect your furniture. You can find sprays that are designed specially for suede. Before you apply it to your furniture, make sure to wipe the furniture well with a dry and soft cloth. Most of these products are applied twice a year.

How to Remove Stains from Suede Furniture

Even if you have protected your suede furniture, accidents can happen. For example, if you pour some water or other fluid onto your suede furniture, you must act very quickly. If you leave the water or other liquid on the furniture, the stain will be worse and more difficult to remove. Therefore, if you spill water or something else onto the furniture, take a towel and use it for absorbing the water. If necessary, use another dry towel. If is important to remove the liquid as fast as you can.

Next what you have to do is to determine how many stains there are on the furniture. If it is not just water but also some other liquid that leaves stains, you will have to use a suede eraser. Rub it against the material and then brush it well. Brush it using circular motions and do not be rough. Take a damp towel and use it to wipe the furniture. It should be dry in a short time.

Before you start cleaning the suede furniture, you must read the label on the product you are planning to use for cleaning. Before you apply it onto the suede, test it on the part that is not conspicuous. That way you will see the result before you use any product on your suede furniture.

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