How to Clean Mold off Walls


If you are having problems with mold, we will tell you how to clean mold off the walls. Mold is bad for your health and you should remove it from your walls and other objects.

In addition, mold can cause respiratory problems. Mold is an indicator of moisture, and you should take care of this problem in order to have a healthy home for you and your family.Mold also looks bad on the walls or other objects. There are many products designed to help you clean mold off your walls.

People usually think that mold is toxic. However, this cannot be easily determined, so you should just try to remove it, without being too afraid of mold toxicity.

The truth is that mold can affect your health in the long run, but it can not instantly harm you. At least it is the case with most of mold types. Nevertheless, you must use protective gloves while cleaning mold off your walls.

Simple Steps to Clean Mold off Walls

Mold can be simply wiped off the walls, but it can easily come back again. In that case, you didn’t really do much. The only right way to remove mold is to prevent it from coming back.  You can use a dehumidifier, which is designed to collect the moisture from the air and prevent too much moisture inside your house. Place one in every room and you will see the result.

You should detect the source of mold and concentrate to solving this problem. Take a firm brush and remove the mold from your walls. Apply bleach onto the walls. You should repeat this at least twice, meaning this would last for about two days. After that, apply bleach onto the walls one more time. Wait for two weeks and repeat this. That way you will be certain that the mold is destroyed. You can use any primer made for preventing mold. However, id you want to remove mold for good, you will just have to use bleach first. When applying bleach, make sure to use sufficient amount of bleach, since that is the only way to destroy mold permanently. Pay attention to wall cracks and other small holes. Fill them with bleach to prevent further spreading of mold spores.

You will damage the paint, of course, but that is not something to worry about, since your walls will have to be repainted after the mold removing process.

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