How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors without Streaking

Laminate Wood Floors

If you want to know how to clean laminate wood floors without streaking, we will tell you! Here are the things you’ll need: vacuum, which has a soft brush; a broom, the cleaner for laminate floor (there are many different brands), some clean water (preferably hot) and a soft sponge mop.

We have mentioned products for laminate cleaning. Some people even use vinegar, which is also a good solution. It all depends on your own preferences.

Here is what you need to do to clean your laminate floors properly: first, remove the dust. Vacuum your floors thoroughly with the soft attachment. This way you will avoid scratching. Read the instructions on the back of the cleaner you bought. Pour the cleaner into the hot water and make sure that your mop is not too soaked in water. Avoid spilling the water onto your floors. In case this happens, remove the water from the floor by using a sponge. Start cleaning and then wash the mop. If the water gets dirty, change it. Repeat this until you clean all of your laminate floors. Do not press your mop against the floors. If you do that, you can scratch the laminate. This kind of damage can not be fixed that easy, so be careful.

How to Remove the Stains

Laminate floors are quite resistant to stains. However, some stains are demanding and have to be removed by using tricks. We are talking about blood stains, greasy stains, liquor stains, nail polish and ink stains. To remove the blood stain, you will have to spray it with glass cleaner and then wipe the spot using a wet cloth. If you spill liquor onto your laminate floor, use the detergent and wet cloth to remove the stain. Greasy stain can be removed by using a pack of ice. Put the ice onto the stain and wait until the stain hardens. Use firm material (or a knife) to remove the hardened grease. If you have stained your floor with a crayon, rub the crayon stain with a smooth cloth and toothpaste. Ink stains can be removed with detergent and hot water. You can also buy a remover and use it for solving this problem.

Be careful not to scratch your laminate floors. Your slippers should be very soft and you should avoid dragging furniture across the floor. Your pet’s nails can also damage the laminate floor, so keep them trimmed.

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