How to Clean a Mattress with Stains

Keep Your Mattress Clean!

If you are wondering how to clean a mattress with stains, read out article. No matter how expensive your mattress is, you will have to clean it eventually. If there is a stain, you should know how to remove it in a simple and easy way. It is important to keep your mattress clean. After all, you sleep on it! Do you know that we spend one third of our lives sleeping? The place you sleep in should be clean. Dirty mattresses are very bad for your health, so you should learn how to keep them clean. We have found some simple methods of removing stains from mattresses.

How to Clean a Mattress

♦ The first thing you will be interested to read is about cleaning urine or mold stains. Cleaning mold can be difficult, because mold goes deep into the material, and it cannot be simply wiped off. Mold is caused by moisture, so you should use a dehumidifier in your bedroom. It will prevent moisture from getting into your mattress. You should also expose your mattresses to sunlight whenever you get the chance. This is a very effective way to prevent mold.

♦ Urine stains are very unpleasant surprise, but there are ways to remove them. Urine goes deep into the mattress, so you will probably lose your nerves before you even decide to start cleaning. First, you will have to remove as much urine as you can. Use some good absorbent cloth, and of course – wear gloves. If your pet has made this mess, you can go to a specialized store and ask for a product designed especially for this purpose. There are various products you can use for this. It is important to read the label and follow the instructions.

♦ Vinegar is also used for urine stains removal. You can pour some vinegar onto the stain and add some baking soda afterwards. Leave it overnight, and vacuum it in the morning.

♦ If you don’t know where the stain comes from, you can use some universal sprays, made for all kinds of stains. It is important to leave the product long enough to get into the material. Sprays that contain citrus are very effective. They can clean the material and they reduce the odor.

♦ If the stain is not too serious, you can use some dish detergent. Wash the spot thoroughly and use your hairdryer to dry it.

♦ If you smell some cigarette odor in your bedroom, there are several things you can do about it. First, make sure not to allow anyone to smoke in your bedroom. If you are the one to smoke, well, stop doing it! Go outside or simply go to any other room to smoke. Your bedroom air should be fresh. Cigarette smoke will affect your sleep and you should not let that happen!

♦ To remove cigarette odor, use citrus-based products. If the weather is nice, take the mattress out and leave it in the sun for several hours.

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