How to Clean a CD

If your CD doesn’t work well, it skips or it won’t load well – that means you should clean it.  The purpose of cleaning is to make a CD free of dust. This is the best way to avoid CD damaging. There are many ways to clean a CD and there is a wide range of various cleaning equipment. The easiest way to clean a CD is to use a cloth that is specially designed for CD cleaning. The cloth cleaning is the fastest ant the most practical way to clean your CD, but you must take care of several things:

– Never wipe the CD in circles- you have to pull the cleaning cloth in straight lines outwards from the middle of a CD;

– When you hold a CD, it has to be along the edges or in the hole in the middle of it.

– The cleaning process should be done until CD surface is clean and dry.

Cleaning cloths can be found in CD stores, but you can also use any other soft cloth that doesn’t contain any artificial material. You can also use liquid products that must not contain alcohol or be abrasive because it can lead to surface damaging. You should always apply these liquids directly onto the cloth – not on CD – and clean a CD in the previously described way! In addition, (unbelievably), a disc can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. You only have to dry a CD before its usage.

In addition to this, there are two more things:

-quick dusting can be done with materials and products that do not contain any chemical additives.

-brushing and polishing should be avoided because that way you can damage a CD.

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