How to Change Your Name on Facebook

If you are a new Facebook user,  you may need some assistance regarding your account: how to manage your passwords, how to put things there and erase them, or how to change your name on Facebook.

Well, since Facebook is designed in the way that really anyone can use it, regardless to his/her country, education, computer knowledge etc. – changing your name shouldn’t be very difficult. Go to your account, then choose Account settings and there it is!

Under settings you will find Name, Username, Email, Password, Privacy and other sections. On your right, there is a small field “change”. Well, click it and the fields with your name, surname, middle name and nickname will appear. If you change your name, you can choose how it will be displayed, that is to say, in what order your surname and name will be displayed. You can add a nick to your name or change the nick you already have.

If you want to change your name on Facebook, you probably have a good reason for that. If you have experienced any problems and that is the reason why you change your name – go on and do so, but do not forget to contact the authorized person who deals with this kin of stuff on Facebook. If you change your name just for fun, well….OK, but there are other ways to use Facebook than just for pulling one’s leg.

Further on, pay your attention to your security settings and your privacy settings as well. You can manage what other people see when it comes to your profile and your activity. If you want to be safe, then it is better to keep some things for you only. This means that your location, mobile number, all other personal data and similar stuff should be only visible to you.

Your friends will also be able to see things and to be notified about your activity, so be careful when accepting people for friends on Facebook. This is how you will avoid potentially unpleasant experiences.

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