How to Change Transmission Fluid and Filter

Here is some advice on how to change transmission fluid and filter by yourself. Follow these simple instructions and you will do this with no problems.

The fluid has to be warm. Start your car and let it work until it reaches normal temperature. Pull the dipstick of the transmission. See what the fluid looks like before you start doing anything. Color should be a sort of red and it should be relatively clear. If the fluid is brownish and unclear, and if it smells bad – than you will know that something is wrong with the fluid.

Take a big pan. You will use it for catching the old fluid. Put away the old filter and then place the new one. Old bolts can be used for the new filter. Gaskets should be put onto pan. Pan bolts should be tightened by using your hands and then by using a wrench. Read the instructions from the fluid pack. It is very important to use an appropriate transmission fluid for your type of vehicle specifically.

You can either change fluid partially or you can change it completely. In case you want to change the fluid completely, you have to replace the fluid in pan. Changing the fluid in the oil cooler and torque converter should be done in the following way: the oil cooler line must be disconnected. There is the return side as well as the pressure side, so if you want to be sure, you will just have to disconnect both of them. Ask for some help. You will need some assistance while adding ATF. Now you can start the car and start adding the new fluid into the pan as soon as the old fluid is out. Turn off the engine and place the oil cooler line back to where it was. And that’s it! You have changed all fluids!

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