How to Change Timing Belt on Honda Accord

Honda Accord

If you want to know how to change timing belt on Honda Accord, this article will help you. First of all, if you own this car, you are a very lucky owner! Honda Accord is a great car. You probably love your Accord and want to learn as much as you can. So here we go!

First, read a manual. You have to make sure about the mileage that is appropriate for changing the timing belt. For Honda Accord older models (meaning from 1976 to 1990), the right figure is about 55,000 to 59,000 miles; for models made in period from 1991 to 1996 – 89,000, and for all models that came after this time – 104,000. Some sources may provide different info on when you should change the timing belt, but the discrepancies are really minor. Now that you have found the mileage for your model, the most important thing for you is to learn how to change a timing belt on Honda Accord without any problems. If you learn how to do this properly, you will save considerable amount of money.

Simple Instructions: How to Change Timing Belt on Honda Accord

– See where exactly the timing belt is. Check for possible damage and breaks. If anything is wrong, you need to see it first, so pay your attention.

– See if there are any broken teeth.

– If you have spotted the damage, look on the other side as well. If only one side of the timing belt is damaged – it means that the guide of the belt is the main cause.

– Now, it is the time to remove the belt. You have to disconnect the negative cable of the battery.

– Now, the compression stroke….You have to put the cylinder 1 at the position “top dead center”.

– Take off the covers of timing belt and the head of cylinder.

– Strengthen the adjuster of the timing belt using a bolt of the lower belt’s cover. You will find it right on the arm of the adjuster.

– Start pushing away the tensioner of balance belt from your old timing belt.

–  Now, you have to take the balancer belt out. Do not bend it and try to keep it away for oil.

– Start pushing the adjuster to release the timing belt.

– When the old belt is removed, the new one should be placed. You can do this in the same way, just in the reverse order. The negative battery cable is supposed to be reconnected in the end of the process.

If you are not certain that you will manage to do this, perhaps you should first watch someone else doing this. If you still are not certain how to do it, perhaps you should visit someone who knows how to change timing belt on Honda Accord.

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