How to Change Brake Pads on a Car


If you want to learn how to change brake pads on a car, read the following article. There are at least two reasons why you should know more about changing brake pads. First, you will know exactly how it is done and no one will be able to give you any wrong information. Second, you will be able to change brake pads by yourself and spare some money.

It is very important to say that your brake pads are one of the most important things. They are closely related to your safety and you have to take this work very seriously. It is good to change them one by one, that is to say, to leave one side untouched, so you can always go and take a look in case you face any problem. You must change both brake pads. We will explain how to change front brake pads on a car.

How to Change Brake Pads

Your preparation for this work will be something like this:

– informing on what kind of brake pads would be best for your car

– buying the right brake pads and anti squeal device

Now you can finally start with changing your brake pads.

Park the car and pull the parking brake. Make sure that your car stands still and can’t move.

Next what you have to do is loosening the lug nuts.

Take a jack and lift your car. Now take jack-stands and position the car to stand on them. Be very careful and pay your attention to the balance, since the car must be stable while standing on jack-stands.

Take the lug nuts out and take the wheel off.

You will be able to see the calipers that hold the brake pads. You have to remove the caliper by unbolting them. Be careful! You don’t want to break anything!

Now you can remove your old brake pads. Take a look at them and see if there is something strange about any of them. For example, if only one of them is damaged, it can be a sign that there is some other problem that has to be fixed. You can also take a look at the rotors and check their condition.

Now you can start placing the new brake pads. It is easier to install the inner brake pad first. After you have done with placing the pads, you will have to place the caliper onto the rotor. Make sure you bolt it well.

Check if everything is all right and place the wheels back on their places.

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