How to Carve a Pumpkin

The most important decoration for Halloween are definitely jack-o-lanterns; in order to make your own work of art, you should learn how to carve a pumpkin. It’s a part of tradition and also an entertainment for the whole family.

Make sure to chose a fresh pumpkin and to find the right shape – some choose¬† round while others prefer oval shapes. Make sure it’s shaped to sit on floor without rolling over. You’ll see that it takes more patience than actual art skill to carve a Halloween pumpkin. When it comes to material, you already have most of the items in your own kitchen or you can just buy pumpkin carving kit if you prefer.

When you put old newspapers under the pumpkin to protect the surface and put an apron on – you can begin. Use marker to draw circle on top of the pumpkin in order to make hole big enough for your hand to go through. Cut around the stem with a sharp tool and remove a lid. Remove the seeds and pulp from pumpkin by hands or spoon. You can roast the seeds later –¬† in that case just put them in a bowl.

If not, throw them away. Make sure to scrape as much as possible from the inside walls, especially bottom where you’re going to place the candle. Draw the face by hand or using stencils, but make sure to do it with washable marker or grease pencils. It’s up to you to show your creativity and make friendly, scary or whatever kind of face you desire. Now you’ve prepared everything for cutting, so make sure you have sharp knife or carving tool and dig in.

While cutting, gently push those extra pieces from inside the pumpkin. Put a candle in and light it and take the lid back on top. Best place for your pumpkin creation is outside, where it will stay fresh for longer period, because of cool air.

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