How to Build a Fire Pit

If you want to have your own fire pit, we will help you learn how to build a fire pit by yourself. Having your own fire pit is great for many reasons. We will tell you what you need to do to make a stone fire pit for you and your family.

You have to make some preparation. You can use various types of stones and blocks. The stones that have been in water should not be used since they can lead to explosion when you light a fire. Concrete is convenient for this purpose. You will need about 100 wall blocks, gravel, steel ring (with tabs), sand and metal grate.

The size of the block depends on your needs and your taste!

The next step is to make a two feet deep hole. You will have to fill it using gravel and sand. Two thirds of the entire hole should be filled with gravel and sand. When you have done with filling, the layer should be flat. Then start putting the block onto this layer. When using adhesives, make sure to dry-stack the stones. If you are planning to use cement as an adhesive material, it is OK to use it on the outside, so it will not get damaged by fire. Other adhesive materials should be avoided, since most of them tends to melt when exposed to fire. The shape of your fire pit depends on your preferences. You can choose the square or round shape.  Perhaps the round one would be easier to make. When placing the stones or blocks, use the steel ring to make sure it will fit right later.

Your next step will be to add some more layers. When placing the stones, leave some random gaps between them in order to let the air in.

Remember that you will be dealing with fire, so do not forget to take the necessary precautions. Always have some water near your fire pit.

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