How to Build a Fence and Gate

If you want to know how to build a fence and gate, read our article. This may seem like a complicated job, but if you are well-organized, you will be able to build your fence and gate quite easily. Of course, this requires a plan, so make a draft first. Draft is actually the most important part of your work, actually. The result will probably depend on many factors. It is important that you decide whether to do this yourself or to hire someone to do this for you. If you decide to do this yourself, here is how to do it.

Building Your Fence and Gate

Fist, you have to decide about the way it will look. The purpose is the most important thing: if you want to have more privacy, you will have to make some extra effort.

Talk to your neighbor about your future fence and see how he feels about your project. Your neighbor can even share the fence with you (depending on its position), so he may help you in building it.

Easy Steps to Build Your Fence and Gate

The first thing you have to take care of is the layout. You have to lay out a line for your fence. This sounds simple, but you will have to do it right. Take your time and it will be OK. Start digging the post holes. You have to dig the wholes that are deep enough. The depth should be at least one half height of that part above the ground (we will call it post). The depth will also depend on the type of soil. However, do not worry if the hole is deeper than you have planed. The problem is if the hole is too shallow, so make sure to dig deep enough.

Now it is time to set the posts. This part is the most important part of your work. Have someone to help you here – one man just can’t do the entire work. When you brace the posts, they will be ready for setting. Now, this is only a matter of your own calculation and choice. You will choose the best way to set the posts. All you have to worry about is how stable it is.

Now, you will have to decide about concrete and back-fill. The corner posts need concrete, so as the high posts of your fence.

When your fence is done, the next thing to do is – the gate. You have to plan this part very thoroughly. You have to plan things like swinging direction, wideness etc. You can find many suggestions in magazines or on the Internet.

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