How to Build a Dog House Easy

If you have a pet or planning to get one, you will be interested to find out how to build a dog house easy. People who can afford to keep a dog inside do not have to worry about this, but if you have a back yard, you can use some of that space for your dog.

Dogs need to be active and they love running outside. It is healthy for them and it can help you as well because you will not have to clean your house every day and restore the furniture in case your dog likes to bite things. Keeping your pet outside will certainly save your personal stuff like slippers, shoes, boots, chairs etc.

So here is some advice on how to build a dog house easy. First, you have to measure your dog. It is important that the house is big enough, but not too big. In cold weather, the smaller space is easier to warm up, so do not build a dog house that is too big. The size has to be appropriate and the dog has to have enough space to lie or move inside the house.

The most convenient shape is a square one, but you can be creative if you like other shapes. Materials should be animal-friendly, so use plywood. It is easy to cut and it is dog-friendly. Make a base for the house. You have to measure the length and width. You can make a concrete surface and infix the entire house into it. Make sure that the base is thick enough. You can even make it double. You can also make a house which doesn’t lie directly on the ground by making short trestles. After you have cut and shaped the base, start making corners (or framing) and fixing them onto the base. Measure the sides and cut the material. Start nailing the sides. It would be good to isolate it from the inside. Make sure that rain and snow cannot fall into the dog house. The roof should be larger than the base.

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