How to Beatbox

If you are very fond of modern culture, especially hip hop and think to have developed a rhythm talent, you must be wondering how to beatbox. There are many different techniques used by beatbox artists.

This skill isn’t too hard, the trick is to stress certain letters and keep the rhythm which is basic for beatboxing. Through it you should be able to create several musical sounds by using voice, mouth, tongue and lips at the same time. The result would be imitating musical instruments like drums, horns, strings etc. There are 3 basic sounds you should learn and combine afterward: classic kick drum (b), hi-hat (t) and classic snare drum (p) or (pf).

In order to make the classic kick drum – just say the letter ‘b’ as in ‘bad’. If you want it to sound louder and stress it then let just enough air between lips so they vibrate. The best way is to make it as short and punchy as possible. Experiment and see which part of your mouth does the best work – for some it is the centre, while others use the side.

The hi-hat sound is usually used between beats in order to fill in the sound gap. There are closed and open hi-hat, depending on the length of ”s” as in “ts” for short and closed and ‘tsss’ for long and open. Just make ‘t’ and ‘s’ while putting it together. Tip of the tongue should be behind the upper teeth and the sound should pass over the tongue.The last important trick is classic snare drum which starts with letter ‘p’. It should be long and you can achieve that by connecting it with ‘f’. But try to make it short and sharp and the best way is putting together bottom lips and top teeth.

After mastering these three basic steps, you can play and put them together in a simple beat. The kick drum and snare drum are easy to match and hi-hat is perfect for squeezing in. You can also learn a lot by watching beatbox videos and try to fit in the beats after couple of listening.

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