How to Apply Makeup like a Professional

If you want to learn how to apply makeup like a professional, keep reading! We will give you some useful tips and tell you more about makeup. Makeup should help you look better and conceal small imperfections. Therefore, it is very important to know what to do with makeup, since it can really change they way you look. Sometimes, makeup can make the whole thing worse, if you do not apply it in the right way. We will make sure that doesn’t happen.

How to Apply Makeup

♦ First, your skin must be clean. Apply some moisturizer and wait for a few minutes. Your skin will absorb the moisturizer and you than you can apply some foundation.

♦ Now, do not put too much of it. If you overdo it with foundation, you will look like unnatural. Use soft and light products without too much chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, it is just one more reason why you have to be careful with skin products. Try to avoid greasy products, since they can prevent your skin from breathing.

♦ Your further steps will depend on your face shape and your eye color. However, there is a universal recipe for all women: do not put too much of anything! Beautiful eyelashes are sometimes enough to look great. Use black or dark brown mascara. Dark gray is also acceptable. Eye shadow should be discreet and neutral. If you want a stronger evening makeup, you can use stronger shadow, but avoid colors like bright orange, bright green, bright yellow, red, and bright pink. Bright colors on eyes can make you look silly, you know.

♦ Depending on the situation, you can use various lipsticks. Your choice will also depend on your skin color. If your skin is fair, do not use very dark lipsticks. You can try sparkling shiny lipsticks of any color, but do not exaggerate. Your choice will also depend on your eye makeup. If you have a strong eye makeup, do not use dark lipstick. Use a lip pencil to shape your lips. However, the lip pencil you use should be the same as the color of your lipstick. Contrast is not a good idea here.

♦ Those were basic instructions on doing makeup. Your eyebrows should be well shaped and if you use a pencil to fix your eyebrows, it should look natural. Avoid unnatural shape and color for your eyebrows. Again, do not use too much of anything. Try several different makeup styles and see which one is best for your face.

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