How to Apply Blush Properly

If you want to know how to apply blush properly, here are some tips for you. These tips will help you get a completely new and trendy look. Use of blush can make you look fresh and pretty. Many women avoid blush because they cannot apply it correctly. If you apply it correctly and if you make the right choice of colors, it will give you a new and classy touch. The first step is to apply blush that resembles the natural glow of your skin. Choose the right blush and apply it properly – you must pay attention to the shape of your face.

How to Apply Blush Properly

• The shape of your face is very important for applying blush.

• Women who have high cheekbones should apply blush on the center of the face.

• If you have a fuller round face, always apply blush near the hairline in the sideways of the face in V shape to give slender effect, add bit of it on the chin and use bright colors like rose and dusty pinks to achieve fresher look. The best trick is to find apple spot on your cheeks – smile in the mirror and apply blush from that spot to the outside to hairline. Remember, always apply blush evenly. There shouldn’t be any patch or line of blush on the cheeks. If you use cream blush, do not overdo it! Use only small amount. A little bit of shimmer on the tips of the cheeks adds glow to your face.

• If you have a square face, apply blush on the sides and angles of the face to soften the look. Add blush on the chin and forehead. Blush should be applied from center of the eyes to the cheekbones.

• On a rectangular face, blush should be applied on the corners of the eye to reduce the elongated shape of the face.

• If you have an oval shaped face, apply blush on the cheekbones.

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Use the Right Brush

• The next important step to apply blush properly is to choose the proper brush. If the brush is not good enough, you will never get any good results. A full round brush with even fiber can give a great look to the blush makeup. A bigger brush gives better results. Use different brushes for different parts of your face.

Selection of Blush Color

• Selection of blush color depends on two things. The first important thing is your skin tone. The second important thing is the occasion and time of the day. For evening parties, use glossy and shiny blush shades. For casual makeup, go for lighter and more natural colors. Coral and pale pinks are suitable for medium skin tones. People with fair skin should go for tawny brown shades instead of rose and pinks. If you use the wrong blush color, it will make you look unnatural.

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