How Tall Was John Wayne

How tall was John Wayne really? Wayne’s height is probably one of the many things he is famous for. Everybody says that he was minimum 193 cm tall, but some claim that he was shorter than this. Wayne’s records from high school say that he was very tall (6’3’’) at the age of seventeen, so there is a reason to believe he was 193 tall in his adulthood.

Here are some interesting facts about John Wayne. He was born in 1907, as Marion Robert Morrison. Many people don’t even know his real name – everyone knows him as John Wayne. Wayne’s voice, height and walk will be remembered forever. However, there are so many other interesting facts about John Wayne. For example, there are his political views, his marriages and his mythological roles. Wayne is the 13th on the list of the greatest male stars, made by the American Film Institute.

Interesting Facts about John Wayne

John Wayne had three marriages and two divorces. All of his wives were Latin women. Their names were Pilar Pallete, Esperanza Baur, and Josephine Alicia Saenz. Wayne and Josephine had four children. His most dramatic divorce was from a Mexican actress, Esperanza Baur. She believed that Wayne was cheating on her with Gail Russell, Wayne’s co-star. After the film “Angel and the Badman” was done, there was a party for the crew and Wayne stayed at the party, coming home late. When he got home, Esperanza was so angry that she tried to shoot Wayne.

Wayne started having problems with his hair in the 1940s. He started using a hairpiece to mask the hair thinning. There were rare opportunities to see Wayne without this hairpiece. One of such moments was Gary Cooper’s funeral. Another such situation was Wayne’s appearance at Harvard (the University), when a student asked him if his hair was real. Wayne said, “It’s not mine…but it’s real.”

Wayne was not a very faithful guy. He had several affairs. The affair with Marlene Dietrich lasted for 3 years. Pat Stacy, Wayne’s secretary, wrote a biography “Duke: A Love Story”, in which she describes her life with Wayne.

Wayne’s close friend, Alphonzo Bell, California Congressman, said that Wayne’s personality and humor were pretty much the same as what you could see on the big screen.

Wayne purchased the Taborcillo Island (Panama), in 1960s. However, after his death, the island was sold by Wayne’s estate.

Do you know that Wayne was a Freemason? In fact, he was also Master Mason (Marion McDaniel Lodge), the 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, the York Rite member, and the member of the LA “Al Malaikah Shrine Temple”.

Wayne loved alcohol. The directors that used to work with Wayne knew that they had to shoot the scenes with Wayne before noon, because Wayne was very drunk by afternoon.

Now you know how tall John Wayne really was. You also know more about this star, who will be remembered for his famous roles, his dramatic love life and great sense of humor.

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