How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test after Intercourse

When to Take a Pregnancy Test

There are many questions on the web like “how soon can I take a pregnancy test after intercourse?” and there are many misconceptions about pregnancy tests. When we started reading forums that deal with women issues, we have found out that there were so many confused women out there. Some of them even posted questions like ”my period is 20 days past due, when can I take a test?”. Well you should have done it much earlier. Most tests can almost accurately determine your pregnancy three weeks after unprotected sexual intercourse, or if you would rather count days reverse, then it would be 4 days before expected start of period. Of course, if you are certain, or if you can’t wait that long, there is an option to do CBC, and doctor may determine if you are pregnant 6 days after intercourse. It is also the most accurate test.

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests

• Furthermore, if you are doing a home pregnancy test, there is a chance that results will be wrong, due to various reasons. You might be stressed out (probably), you might have used some medicine lately that would make the test results misleading. There is also a chance that you are not informed about a test you are taking, meaning that you didn’t look at the manual of the test. You probably didn’t read the IU threshold, or you have taken the test with very low HCG level threshold. These are all factors you have to consider while you are deciding, what test to take.

• On the other hand, you probably already know that- every woman is different and therefore reacts differently to tests. You may be perfectly relaxed, take the right test, in the right time and the test can still be wrong. Our advice to you is to go to a doctor if you suspect that you are pregnant, especially if the start of your period is longer than two weeks past due.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

• All tests available on the market measure HCG levels in your urine. HCG is a hormone, which is produced in your uterus, after the attachment of the egg to the wall of your uterus. Most tests today, have above 50 IU of HCG, which is the optimal value.

• To sum up, 20 days after intercourse you can take the test if you suspect you are pregnant, or if your menstruation is late more than two weeks.

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